HADCOCK TONE ARMS: GH220 resale values

Hi Howard, Thanks for mentioning my R-zero on your website, I’m sure it helped sell it, however I’ve just been told the winning bidder was a fake! I will be re-listing it right now. Anyway, I was going to contact you as I have some tone arms that I know very little about and was hoping you may be able to tell me a little about them. They are: Hadcock GH220 and DSC SA-100. Any idea what they might be worth? I’ve seen Hadcock GH228’s on eBay but never GH220. Thanks."

Hello Barry. I have been thinking about your question re the arms. Frustratingly, I have no worthwhile guidance to give you because I am not familiar with the DSC and re the GH220, I believe that through the years there have been quite a few modifications to this model. This would make accurate pricing nearly impossible. Sorry about that.

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