RORY GALLAHER / JACK BRUCE: Politician (Live version)

  • rock Guitar playing get's no better than this; what a great Combination Rory Gallagher& Jack Bruce
  • True talent - I reckon he hadn't heard it before as Jack was humming it to him before going on. Great stuff.
  • Well well well, this is more funky than the original. Clapton in cream was more rough and hard, but damn Rory is just amazing! This is a powerful song!


One thought on “RORY GALLAHER / JACK BRUCE: Politician (Live version)

  1. Agreed! Looks like Rory just winged it on the night, though it was quite a famous Cream song. Great to hear Rory’s battered Strat sounding so good – which reminds me to have him in my ‘Guitar Heroes’ series pretty soon. Also impressive is Jack Bruce’s fretless bass – it’s not often I notice the bass player on most tracks, but here he excels. Great stuff! 😎

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