SURPRISING, BUT MAYBE NOT AS MUCH AS YOU’D THINK: 10 pre-owned vintage CD players under £40 each compared

In this, my latest experiment, I decided to buy as many pre-owned / low cost CD players as I could afford for the investigation and NONE over £40 each from the major auction sites. PART 1: I wanted to determine if via my reference system #1 (£100 in total), I could (a) hear any worthwhile […]

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YAMAHA: P2500S Power Amplifier – nice, but is it really audiophile?

Bought a used one earlier today …. seller states that it’s in good working order ….  was one of those ‘impulse’ buys on ebay … spotted the amp in the dying seconds of the ebay auction, placed my bid and won the item. so … not sure if I have done the correct thing, but […]

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