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Following the very sad passing of Howard Popeck in March the time has come to re-commence work at Hi-Fi Answers.  Howard was a well-known and highly respected character in the audio industry.  He contributed regularly across many platforms but especially this one, which he owned.  Howard gave detailed and to-the-point help and advice to the many who reached out to him.  Genuine gratitude was expressed by those he helped.  We are continuing Howard’s work and will endeavour to respect his legacy. His wife Rosanne is very supportive and is part of the new team.  We won’t try to replicate Howard’s deep and insightful knowledge, instead we as the new team at Hi-Fi Answers will take the site forward in our own style whilst respecting Howard’s ethos.


Over the coming weeks, you can expect Hi-Fi Answers to feature industry news, product, music and performing arts reviews – all delivered with passion!  We will also have a DIY / Kits section to help with getting to grips with the technology and be both instructive and fun.  We all have our own perspectives, and you will get to know our preferences from our writing.  We will of course ensure we are entirely fair and unbiased in our assessments, we recognise that not everyone shares our personal preferences.  When you check out the team you will see that we are very diverse in our interests so we will at times have differing opinions.  I believe this is a healthy approach and one I hope that you will value and enjoy.


Clive Meakins, Editor

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