MUSICAL FIDELITY: The amplifier designer hall of fame?

Editor McCauley in conversation with Howard Popeck in 2008 Can we return to the mercurial Mr. Michaelson at some point today? Possibly. Possibly ….. not. Depends on what your questions are. Some matters are strictly off limits. He is though a bit of a hero for me frankly. (HP makes direct eye contact as if […]

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HELIUS DESIGNS: in conversation with Howard Popeck – part two

Geoffrey ….. When it comes to listening to what you’ve designed, do you worry that you can find yourself liking something which is actually wrong? How do you keep yourself on track? In the context of tonearms it’s difficult to imagine what I could do to make it sound ‘wrong’. This part of the system […]

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REGA: Apollo-R … inherent glitch?

This is my second Rega Apollo-R….Lovely CD Player! This example was built around early (ish) 2017. So probably, one of the last batches made. It’s replacement is now the curved looking Apollo (non R). Like the first Apollo-R I had prior, this one also sometimes freezes. Switching the unit off/back on etc the oddity disappears. […]

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