DYNAVECTOR: The DV series of tone arms. What happened?

"All the arms from this company are high mass arms (at or over 1kg) that can be tricky to set up on a suspended turntable or a very light one, but very nice once you get it right.

The earliest model was the DV-505 introduced in 1976 to much acclaim at the time, and discontinued in the mid 80's with the introduction of the 507 and is broadly similar to the current model but note that the 505 was considerably cheaper than the 507 so there are more of them about and they usually go much cheaper second-hand, so for an introduction to the Dynavector Clan you cannot go wrong with a 505, also note that the 505 did not come with an arm lifter, that was an optional item (DV-3A) but I gather that you can still get that lifter from the manufacturer or something compatible.

The DV-501 model was introduced in 1982, it's lighter, stiffer and simpler than the 505 or 507 models and does not use the spring loaded VTF and Antiskate system that the other have, to some the 501 is the best of the bunch. And nota bene you can download the manuals for the 501 and the 505 from the company in a PDF format."

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