VINYL: Second hand – when to give up?

I've gotten back into records over the last 12 months and have recently acquired roughly 200+ second (or even third) hand classical boxsets which I'm currently working my way through to see what is salvageable. I'm finding that the discs look pristine after cleaning but once the stylus hits the groove there's a lot of "snap, crackle and pop".

So what's the advice on trying to rescue vinyl? I get the feeling that if there is continuous crackle then nothing can be done which is a shame. Some end up with very little surface noise and others have the occasional pop which I can put up with so it's a real mixed bag.

I'm using a VPI record cleaning machine and home brew fluid (isopropyl alcohol, wetting agent+distilled water) and finishing with plain distilled water whch seems to work well.

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