THE REPLACEMENTS: For Sale – Live At Maxwell’s 1986 (2CD)

For Sale: Live At Maxwell’s 1986 captures the Minneapolis legends (lead singer Paul Westerberg, guitarist Bob Stinson, bassist Tommy Stinson and drummer Chris Mars) for a raucous set at the famous Hoboken, New Jersey club in the winter of 1986. The band had signed to Sire Records the previous year and released their fourth album Tim; a good deal of that album features on this release, as does “Can’t Hardly Wait,” a track that would appear on the band’s next album, 1987’s Pleased to Meet Me. (That album would also be the first without Bob Stinson, who was asked to leave the band later that year due to the substance abuse issues that led to his passing in 1995.)

The album, which also features covers of The Beatles, KISS, Sweet and T. Rex, was recorded on a 24-track mobile studio by Warner Music, but the tapes remained untouched until they were mixed in 2007 during Rhino’s Replacements reissue campaign. And yet, none of those mixes were used as bonus tracks during that time. (This is only the second official live document for The ‘Mats, the first being the cassette-only The Shit Hits The Fans in 1985.)

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