JOE WALSH: If I Was The President (CD)


Following the breakup of the Eagles in July 1980, with whom Joe Walsh had been a member since 1975, he continued to release solo albums throughout the 1980s, but sales did not meet the same level as that of his earlier projects.
If I Was The President (CD)
On Independence Day 1990, Joe was headlining the 8th annual Fountain Valley Fiesta, in Mile Square Park a yearly six day event that culminated on 4th July with fireworks and concerts - he took the opportunity to remind those in attendance of his occasional political career, and indeed his If I Was The President Rap reveals Joe's still somewhat eccentric pledges, ending with the repeated assurance that Life's Been Good would become the National Anthem, before launching into a sterling version of the classic tune.
The set, peppered with much good natured albeit hilarious banter with the radio presenter/MC on the day, is sensibly constructed from a superb selection of JWs best loved numbers, culminating with a Hendrix-esque Star-Spangled Banner - presumably to remind the crowd how much better and more appropriate his own choice of patriotic composition for the USA would be.
1. The Bomber 05:59
2. Band Intro 01:41
3. In The City 03:50
4. Funk #49 05:19
5. Bad Joke 00:24
6. Rocky Mountain Way 08:33
7. DJ Chat 01:41
8. If I Was The President Rap 01:08
9. Life's Been Good 07:45
10. DJ Chat 01:35
11. Goin' Down 04:12
12. Pledge To Drive Safe 00:31
13. All Night Long 02:55
14. DJ Chat 01:44
15. The Star-Spangled Banner 02:35
16. Station ID 00:07

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