TRANSPARENT: Power Conditioning Without Compromise

They say ....

For the first time ever, Transparent Audio's ultimate statement in audio perfection, the OPUS series, expands to incorporate a new standard in power conditioning and line filtration— meet the Transparent OPUS PowerIsolator.

Power Conditioning Without Compromise

The groundbreaking Transparent Generation 5 Power Conditioning Filter Technology introduced in the new OPUS PowerIsolator snuffs out broadband AC power line noise without restricting current or introducing phase shift. Designed to work in perfect harmony with its included 20-amp IEC OPUS Power Cord, OPI is ready to deliver limitless current and noise-free, in-phase power.

Most other power conditioning solutions reduce some AC noise, but they also restrict instantaneous current flow and alter the phase of the power signal — a condition that introduces noise and shifts the tonal balance performance of the system. OPI in combination with OPUS Power Cords ensures that your system is free to reveal all the dynamic complexity and energy and the pure and natural instrumental tonality encoded in your favorite music sources.

Resonance Control

With OPI’s curvaceous carbon fiber form, there can be no mistaking its OPUS lineage. Like OPUS Speaker Cable, OPI’s epoxy-loaded, fully damped carbon-fiber carapace blocks vibrations and allows electromagnetic fields to fully expand. The OPI center of gravity ......


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