MERUS AUDIO: The Snowflake


They say .....

The Snowflake audio amplifier reference design packs a ton of audio power in a compact 40x30mm solution. Featuring the MA12040 or MA12040P eximo™ audio amplifiers it is able to reach peak output powers of up to 2x40W in an LC filterless implementation.

Snowflake is optimized for small solution footprint and addresses all the common challenges of consumer audio product design.

Best-in-Class Audio Performance

  • Down to 0.01% distortion!
  • Very low noise

Ultra-High Power Efficiency

  • Reduction of power losses by several factors
  • Longer battery life
  • No heatsink required
  • Cool operation even at loud audio levels

Low Interference

  • EMC compliant without use of large filter components

Low Bill-of-Material

  • Significant reduction of battery size
  • Elimination of LC output filter components
  • No heatsink

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Merus Audio creates audio amplifier ICs that feature unmatched power efficiency and solution compactness. Our ICs utilize our propritary and patented eximo™ switching amplifier technology.


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