FORUM BASHING: The practice of ‘bigging-up’ a brand on some audiophile forums

Hi Howard. I know your opinion that when it comes to forums your advice and personal practice is to ‘look and never, ever touch'. I understand where you are coming from. Your comments re the obvious and less obvious ‘bigging up’ of chosen brands by the genuine and those in the ‘pay’ of those makers where the forum poster hides behind a pseudonym is also well made, or possibly over played. Surely being open and truly providing and an honest (real or perceived) service is the best way to actually 'big up' a brand without actually trying?”. Am I right?

Yes – on paper and both rationally and objectively this would seem correct. However in practice in the rapidly evolving retail market the fora (generic rather than specific) just like the UK tabloid newspapers are not a vehicle to deliver good news unless there is an underlying agenda. Moreover that agenda is invariably hidden. For example, who funds the fora? Altruism can only go so far- and no further. Might there be covert funding from some makers?

After all, magazines are often accused (without any published evidence) of corruption. This begs the question, are all forum owners / founders / moderators whiter than white in this respect?

Thanks for the question


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