I write from Italy because I’ve the possibility to buy an old but in very good conditions UA-7 tonearm. I’ve a Denon DP 3000 turntable with the original plinth and I’d like to know if the tonearm can be mounted in this deck (if you have experience in this mode. Is there the possibility to find (or to buy from you) another original HS-7/type 2 headshell? Can it be used with MC cartridge Denon dl 103 (that requires an high tracking weight: 2,5 - 3,0 gr.)? Many thanks for your willingness to reply to this e-mail and thank you for your kindness.

First, the most satisfactory use of the STAX arms for me has always been on solid decks like the Denon rather than suspended decks like the Linn LP12. I heard this arm on a Denon turntable years back with a Koetsu Red and the sound was superb. It is essential that you get a set-up template with this arm though. I think the deck was a DP-6000. A VERY underrated machine. Possibly the best direct drive of all time, or pretty close to the TRIO L-07D

I have no STAX spares for sale. Sorry about that. However from time to time I do see these parts on eBay for very little money. It is worth checking. I believe the Denon DL 103 would be an excellent match. I used this cartridge for some years and found it excellent value.

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