PIERRE LURNE: Design Philosophy For Turntables – a paper from Pierre Lurne Of Audiomeca

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For those who are unfamiliar with his name, Pierre Lurne has been an integral part of cutting edge turntable design since the late 1960's. Pierre designed his first arm design in 1968. He later was commissioned to do design work for a then major player in the audiophile turntable market. Pierre is responsible for the now legendary T3 arm which sat atop a well known reference table. The T3 design dates all the way back to 1978. Pierre later went on to design and produce the T3's little brother the T5. The T5 is also know as the SL5 under the Audiomeca name.

In the years since, Pierre has designed several turntables and arms marketed under the Audiomeca name. Starting with the Audiomeca J1 turntable in 1979 and his (now) familiar SL5 linear tracking tone arm, then proceeding to his J4 turntable, Pierre has created a legacy. In 1989 and after many years of research, Pierre debuted the Audiomeca Romance turntable and his latest arm design, the Romeo.


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