MONKEES: Without their studio musicians, weren’t the Monkees not much better than your average bar band?

David Stewart replies .....

Only if the average bar band had some of the world’s greatest songwriters coming up with original songs for them. And only if every member of the bar band could sing well and harmonise together. And only if they all had engaging personalities and tangible onstage charisma.

I don’t understand why the Monkee’s make everyone so angry. It’s not like they pretended to be anything they weren’t. They were actors in a TV show. They also released albums in which the musicians and songwriters were fully credited for their work. Nobody was trying to pretend the Monkees really wrote and played all their own material. They released four albums of fun pop tunes in 1966 and 1967 and then a strange soundtrack. It was fun to listen to then and it’s fun to listen to today.

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