DYNAVECTOR: Bring the concert hall and opera house to your home with a Dynavector SuperStereo adapter

"...plug in the ADP-2 processor and the whole experience is dramatically lifted, with a huge increase in scale, authority, instrumental weight and warmth and overall space. In fact, the volume control on the Dynavector acts as almost a 'bloom' button. Turn it up from zero and you'll hear the soundstage swell in front of you, gaining width, height and whole layers of depth...You'll be hearing much, much more on this subject. Count on it."

Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi +, July 2002

"...extraordinarily convincing in the way it simulates a generous and spacious acoustic without in any way interfering with the front soundstage or the musical precision...simply sounds more natural and right than regular two-channel stereo..."

Paul Messenger, Hi-Fi Choice, March-April 2002

"Capable of remarkably good results which can leave conventional two speaker stereo sounding flat and two dimensional"

"Can provide a sense of realism beyond the usual expectations"

"With the Adp-2 switched-in one has an impression of being surrounded by the acoustic, whereas in plain two-channel stereo the vantage point is less engaging: a much less good seat looking in on the house"

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