Howard, Many thanks for replying to my email. Would you perchance be the renowned Howard Popeck?

Well, yes. It's me - but far from renowned though.

I have a PT Anniversary/SME V/Ortofon Rohmann which I'm shortly upgrading with the aid of the Funk Firm. I may change tonearms and cartridge - I've read somewhere once(the Vivante post) that the Breuer is a particularly good match with a Pink Triangle.

A terrific match. One of the all time best combinations at any price.

What would be your perception about this potential combination, are the benefits going to be negligible, or far reaching.

Not negligible, but certainly far reaching. Much faster bass transients, slightly more treble detail, greater mid-range clarity.

I cherish the PT for its neutrality and delicacy above all other strengths and alas, as a Brinkmann La Grange is a deck too far in budget terms, I'll be keeping the Annie for the foreseeable future.

Simple. If you can't afford a LaGrange/10.5 combination, a PT/Breuer-8 is as close as you'll get. Go for it! I certainly would!

Part 2 follows later today

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