“Help me make sense of this”

"I have quad 405-II amp which is 100 watts per channel. When I hooked up Yamaha RX-V3300 home theatre receiver, in stereo mode, wow I loved the sound !  Yamaha is 130 watts per channel. Does anyone know how much power I am getting in stereo model. Is Yamaha big current amp?

Does that mean I like powerful amps?

I didn't think surround receivers did music as well as a dedicated 2 channel amp ( especially seperates ) - so, I was pleasantly surprised at how music sounded through Yamaha - or has Yamaha improved their surround receivers to sound good in music as well ( in stereo )? I want to know the answer, so that I might look for a more powerful amp in the future. This question got me all excited, and I am puzzled... Some one please shed some light on this - and I will appreciate that a lot. It will influence the direction my next system will take."