Remembering a Heyday in Hi-Fi Industrial Design


Ben Bowers: Every step forward in the 1970s seemed to come with an equivalent step back. One President stopped shooting. Then his replacement was fired on twice. The Sears Tower rose and Three Mile Island fell. New cultural institutions were born in Saturday Night Live and Star Wars, while one of our oldest — the Olympics — crashed to a halt. Even Kool-Aid managed to kill and test tubes sparked life.

Except in the case of technology. Its potential to make life better seemed just as limitless then as it does today. This was, after all, a decade that started with the first VCRs, pocket calculators and Atari, and ended with the founding of Microsoft and Apple and the launch of the Sony Walkman. The sense of progress ran just as deep in the home audio industry, sparking a golden age in hi-fi aesthetics I wish would come back.

Many audiophiles shudder at the notion today, but the supplanting of .....

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