PINK TRIANGLE: Happy Anniversary – taking the PT for a spin

FYI: A thread – from a while back - that some might find contains interesting observations, advice and so on. Certainly worth dipping in and out of if you have only a few minutes to spare.

Neil / editor in chief


This is a thread about my interest in modifying a Pink Triangle - my own early Mk1 PT from when I worked at the company. In part it is to investigate the "belt drive" prejudice, in part to revisit with Arthur the original thoughts behind the Anniversary turntable as the company's attempt at the ultimate refinement of the Pink Triangle ideas, in a "statement" product, and in large part a result of considering following the Pink Triangle modification thread on Vinyl Engine, and discussing what to do and how to do it with Arthur.

Early on it picked up hostile comment, and complete derailment into other subjects and I deleted the opening post and replaced it with a sulky reference to the thread crapping. I can no longer remember the original post, but have asked Marco to insert this so that the thread makes a bit more sense.

Dip in and out HERE