SHADOW CORP: What happened?

Hi guys. What can you tell me about Xhadow Corp please. I ask ‘cos I think it was involved with Chris Sommigovio who designed and/or built Stereovox interconnects which I still admire and use. Thanks.

First, please note the correct spelling of the name of the joint founder. Information is sketchy. As far as we know the Company was founded in 2004 by Chris Sommovigo of and Stuart Marcus of Sound Connections somewhere in Florida, USA.  Their 'pitch' was a new design of high end cinch and XLR connectors apparently designed by Sommovigo and based on the connectors he'd designed for the Illuminati cables a decade earlier and were manufactured by Sound Connections.

It seems that these generated quite a bit of interest and apparently sold fairly well. The prices were, it seems considered high at that time. The company was dissolved in 2010, Sound Connections marketed (and perhaps still do?) very similar connectors under their Vampire Wire brand while the Xhadow brand is controlled by The Signal Collection.

Thank you

Neil McCauley / OLC editor in chief

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