Why didn’t The Beatles continue without John Lennon?

Keith Spinney, Indie Artist at Elppa Records (1990-present) answers:

Short answer, it was John’s band. Also, no matter how huge a Paul McCartney fan you are, John was his business partner and songwriting partner. Paul did not want to carry on without him.

Also, It would be hard to continue on without George, John and Ringo. Because all three were ready to throw in the towel. By the time John announced in a band meetting that he wanted out, George was already touring London with Eric Clapton and the Delaney and Bonnie Band.

John Leavy, History Teacher (2016-present) writes:

Some band members, even talented ones, are expendable. The Byrds were okay without David Crosby, the Stones were okay without Brian Jones, Rush was okay without John Rutsey. But John Lennon was not expendable. He was too big a part of the Beatles to be replaced or left behind.

Beyond that, George was constantly furious with Paul, who was becoming domineering. With John gone, Paul would have been even MORE dictatorial! No way George would have stood for that.

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