UNFAIR: A number of fine Japanese vintage units were marginalised by the UK hifi magazines in the 1970s > 1990s. Here, we are setting the record straight – as best we can. Part 1 – Mitsubishi

There were back then, as indeed now, the Japanese "A-List" as determined by the editors - many who should have known better!

These were Yamaha / Technics / Pioneer / Luxman / Accuphase. They all made - in many cases, great sounding gear. However, the "B-List" by which I mean Hitachi / Mitsubishi / Toshiba / Onkyo / Nikko et al were marginalised. Time to do something about it we feel. So, to make a start, we have raided our archives. After that, we'll look farther a field. The following images might incline you to join us on this journey.

Thank you - the team

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