IMF: TLS 80’s new owner!! Restoration to begin !

Well I posted that I got these in the Dollars and Sense thread and am going to post here on these really cool speakers. I saw them on Craigslist a few days ago and began the research.

WOW are there lots of good things said about these speakers. One reason I liked them from the pics was the flat Piston Driver. These are similar to my current favorite speaker line from Phase Technology . I have a set of PC 800 HO's and the smaller Book shelve and centers in the PC line.

So when I saw that the TLS 80's also have a similar woofer I had to investigate.

They are not as bad as I thought but the cab's need some work and I may strip them and put on some new veneer . I will redo the Cross overs and tonight I am half way through the repair of a dead Woofer. Voice coil came undone on both ends. I improvised with some magnet wire I had lying around. SO they have continuity now and read 5.9 ohms, a little low but that might be due to the gauge magnet wire I used. I didn't want to go to heaven as not to impede the movement of the cone. So I'm on my way to join the IMF club !

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