READER REPLIES: Do expensive CD players color the sound?

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A1: Two years ago I purchased a used Marantz SACD player on eBay for $170. It is aprox. 20 years old and in perfect working condition. The original price was $1800-2000. I bought it specifically to listen to my new collection of Octave records SACD’s. Besides enjoying the SACD’s , I was really taken back by how much better my CD’s now sound. It’s like they’ve all been remastered. I can’t Imagine what a top of the line model, such as PS audio’s SACD player would sound like in comparison. Maybe I’ll get to hear it someday.

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A2: True, there are differences between CD players. To remedy this at all I buy music files for download. Then no transport is involved. All digital stuff is then exact and the DAC is happy.


A3: Some of the vintage CD players sounded really good but they were too expensive to make so CD players got worse sounding when they found a cheaper way to make them. So out comes the next generation of CD players and DSD and they boast the new and improved sound. Maybe not so much better than some of the vintage Philips based CD players and their mods. Especially if just playing standard CD’s.


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