READER REPLIES: Bigger AC cables for better sound

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A1: I’m fortunate to have old ears and can’t hear subtle audio differences, if there are any. Saves me money and allows me to get into the content, which is the priority afterall.

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Good morning Daddyo and all others!
I would like to give you all the benifet of my own personal experience of power cables.
I found in my 46 years of playing around with sound equipment, the thickness of the power cable, doesn’t really matter.
That is, in less you are using a big tube amp that has lots of power output tubes in it.
And or, you’re using a transistor amp with a really low impedance load on it.
It’s times like those that I described above, that you’ll want to use thicker power cables.
If you use cables that are too thin, you could possablely start a fire with your audio gear if you’re not careful.
And some times, your sound could also suffer too.



The main audio feed goes to its own consumer unit and has its own 100A feed from the street. I used a NeoTech 12 gauge drain cable.

The irony is that I have no idea if it makes a difference because with all the building work going on, I think the cable went in in August and the hifi could only be plugged in in November. But if you have the chance, it’s worthwhile spending a few $.

I had the typical thick unwieldy audiophile power cables and recently replaced them with ultra-flexible and much shorter cables. Vastly more practical and just as good.

Having installed 300A and 32A cables for my home and car charger, the size of some hifi component cables relative to power draw seem just mad to me. My ultra-floppy cables do the same job – conduct electricity and exclude EMF and RFI. They’re just less macho.


I only heard a power cable make a difference once, in my friends system. I’ve tried many power cables in my system and never discerned any difference. I think it’s because I have clean power, maybe because I’m only about two miles from the power plant?

For the record, I started my Hi-Fi journey when I was three years old, burning up every original Beatles LP my considerably older brothers and sister had on the Zenith console my parents had. When I was eight, my brother gave me his 30 watt Knight tube amp and Glaser Steers turntable with a GE magnetic cartridge. I built my own speakers using the drivers from the Zenith console that I tore apart. 50 some odd years later, here I am with a state of the art system.

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