READER REPLIES: Creating a soundstage in a small room

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I managed to get a magnificent 3D soundstage, along with pinpoint imaging, from a pair of properly set-up Harbeth – ‘HL Compact’ (now 7ES-3 XD) loudspeakers many years ago in a smallish room.

There are certain models within some loudspeaker brands that are specifically designed to be set up (placed) against the front wall of a listening/living room.
You could go & investigate those options.
PS Audio has a pair of standmount loudspeakers in design & testing, the ‘Sprout’ 2-way’s…however, I suspect that they will require at least 17″ between the back of them & the front wall.

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The whole audio chain is colouring the sound anyway…the DAC, the interconnects,
the amp, the loudspeaker wires…so why not the loudspeakers.
One man’s neutral is another man’s coloured.



My venerable Yamaha NS1000s, hard against the wall as they were designed, had great dynamics and tone but zero depth and I don’t care.

Then I pulled them out, the front a mere 18inches in. And I get depth.
But tone and dynamics are more important. To me.


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