READER REPLIES: Does mood affect music?

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The question is incorrectly phrased: mood does not affect the music which are sounds reproduced by your stereo system which will register on sound analyzing devices the same regardless of you mood (barring you going into a rage and destroying things, lol). The question is really “Does mood affect your perception of music”, which is a different question. Just to be precise and scientific.

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I’ll go the other way, ‘Does music affect mood?’
If you love music & you’re an audiophile & you like the sound of your home audio rig then, nine times out of ten, playing some of your favourite tunes will pull you right outta dat funk that you’re in 🙂



Certainly music has an effect on mood. Just think of watch the movie “Jaws” with no music at all. The music set the mood. The other way around, does my mood effect how I relate to or perceive the music, of course, just like how I may approach food. If I am happy and hungry a great meal will be appreciated. If I am glum nothing is pleasing, if I am angry I may not want to eat at all. Of course this is me and someone else may have very different reactions to their mood and food and I would guess the same must be true with music.
It is odd that what stimulates us can be both within us and outside of us. That is why I love being an aspiring audiophile.


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