PROAC / Response vD48: News

The D48 went into production following a year of intense research and development.

Areas of improvement have been midrange detail and a cleaner, faster and more extended bass response.

A studio monitor quality bass driver was designed for the D48 which features a special impregnated cone and mid frequencies tuned by a cap of greater size than standard. This gives the unit greater midrange detail along with excellent bass control.

The two bass drivers are each loaded through our special floor loading with side vents, this makes the loudspeaker easier to sight and reacts less to surroundings. The bass units are then seamlessly mated to our ribbon or dome tweeter (depending on your preference), using ProAc’s high quality filter network design, comprising of the finest components.

With such a large, slim, floor-standing design, the sound stage is superb being very large with pinpoint imagery. Another achievement for the D48 is its ability to effortlessly create large orchestral works as well as heavy rock music.

This is one of the best designs from ProAc and should please all audiophiles regardless of their taste in music.

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