CERWIN VEGA: Why is it that more don’t love their sound?


I don't get it. C-V's sound great. I have and owned Klipsch KG 4.2, JBL L46, Baby Advents, Pioneer HPM-1100 & S-1010, Infinity 12" 3-way with EMIT tweeters, & AR-1. I had a roommate with C-V Premium S2 and Klipsch Lascala. I had a friend that owned an audio store that sold only American audio eqiupment. I spent a lot of time under the spell of Klipschorns at his store. I think Cerwin-Vega speakers sound as good, or better that anything out there. I currently run a pair of D9s & DX-9's. The sound is awesome.

Tone controls, room environment, audio equipment all effect the output. Garbage in, Garbage out. C-V's are like Klipsch; revealing the weak link(s) in the audio chain. Of course, personal preference and bias are the ultimate deciding factors. I think the "audiophile" speakers with their puny woofers and cone tweeters are cleaver marketing tools aimed at the wealthy audio ignorant. $15,000 for a pair of speakers? Crazy. The mighty Klipschorn has no equal. And the price is a bargain. Speakers should sound "live". That's the whole point of making speakers. I don't understand how Bose survives with that "canned" sound. I know there are better speakers out there, but say C-V's are terrible is just petty.

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