ALPHASON: Titanium tubed arms – HR100S or a Xenon?

I'd always fancied one of Alphason's titanium tubed arms like the HR100S or a Xenon. The HR100S tends to be quite expensive (too much for a punt anyway) and I can't say I've ever really heard one at its best as they mostly tend to have been wired with the horrible vdH cable throughout. A Xenon came up for sale (in kit form!) recently.

The seller had bought it, attempted to rewire it (dismantling it in the process) and decided it would be too tricky to re-assemble properly. Taking the chance I snapped this up & had it sent to the arm meister J7 at Audio Origami. I also obtained some Audio Note UK silver internal wire and a length of Audio Note (Japan) ANVx for the external lead and had those items sent to AO aswell.

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