BBC Monitors from the 1960s – help requested

Hi there I am looking for some help!! I purchsed some old BBC monitiors about 8 years ago and I am looking for some info? the units have no ID at all on them but when I open'd them inside I found a tag that had:

Unit FL6/4
Serial No 232
Date 27/2/64

The speakers are

A Goodmans of England 15" 65-11-369
and two tweeters T534 one has 1151 up and the other has low written on it

On the Xover it has fl 6/4/232 stamped in it

the units stand about 4 feet high with built in stands!

I am after info as I am looking to sell the speakers, but with no ID or anything I don't know where to start? I hope someone on here can help or kniow where I can go to get Info.

Many thanks!