ALPHASON: What happened?

Apparently ...

Made the HR100S and HR100s MCS arms in the late 80's early 90's, it's a medium compliance unit featuring a ultra rigid design machined from titanium right from the bearing to headshell as a one piece, features a ceramic gimbal bearings and was designed by Mike Knowles, the Xenon was a slightly cheaper version of the HR100 with standard bearings, cheaper internal wireing and a black rather than metallic coloured base but otherwise identical to the more expensive model. They also had a slightly more inexpensive models that we have no info on called Opal and Delta that also used the same basic design but were made using inferiour materials. (The HR100S was price wise similar in price to the cheaper SME's at around 500 £ or so in the early 90's). Note that the Alphason arm was designed to drop into a linn armboard and had the same effective length.

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