SME: What model of the SME 309 to choose and how to set a price for tonearms

I have decided to buy a SME 309 or V for my Thorens TD124 project. I would be prefer the V, but 2nd hand prices are 1100+ GBP and that would be to stretch my budget to much as I also need a new phonostage. Reason for not considering the IV is that it is in silver, and I would prefer a black model, though the 309 is not completely black.

I know that the V has not really been modified by SME during its production history from what I can read on the Internet, but it is a different story with the 309, which has been upgraded with magnesium tube and level 7 bearings, if I am not wrong. Which modelyear is the one to go for if want the latest and presumably best version, and what is a fair price?

Also i hope to partly finance my upgrade by selling 2 of my tonearms. The first is a Helius Orion MK III in very good condition. Second is an Ace space arm (older model) also in very good condition. How would you value the price of these two arms?

Input very much appreciated!

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