HELIUS DESIGNS: Their tone arm trade-in policy defined

They say:

Occasionally, Helius will acquire some of its past products. There are primarily two reasons, the first is to maintain a stock of older parts for purposes of repairing the classic tonearms.

We do this because it is uneconomical in today’s CNC machnining environment to have small numbers of the larger components machined, so reusing parts from partially dismantled arms can be a good source of parts for us.

The second reason being the possible opportunity to add a rare example to the Helius museum.

We also find some owners of the classic arms want to upgrade from one early model to a later version of the same design rather than acquire a new product. This is particularly true of Orion’s and Scorpio arms.  We therefore try to keep a number of examples of our earlier designs in stock.

 Finally on this subject, we also offer a part-exchange service for people wanting to upgrade the older models. The most usual example being customers who will part exchange Scorpios and Aureus arms for an Orion or Cyalene.

Any customer having an older Helius tonearm they no longer want, is welcome to contact us to negotiate the purchase of it, regardless of condition or completeness.