HELIUS DESIGNS: Aurora tone arm

They say:

The Aurora is the new mid-priced Helius tonearm,  and fills the gap the Aureus arm used to occupy. Now in full production, the Aurora is available as either a 9” or 10” arm,  (12” available by special request ) with choices of single strand silver or O2 free internal wire.

The internal wires are terminated in the same way we dress the Omega cables, extending the wire through the arm and terminating with a pair of female phono conectors. This ensures maximum flexibility and does not adversely affect the turntable suspension. ( see Omega options, wire termination.)

The bearing design is similar to the original Orion range dynamically balancing the bearings around a point of zero potential.

The mounting geometry of the 10” arm is the same as the Omega, allowing direct interchangability.

Counterweights are available in 3 sizes to accommodate various configurations of cartridge and length.  

The Aurora is also available with a detachable headshell.