CROSSOVERS: Types of resistors for crossovers?

Dear Colin, I have just fitted stock 2R7 Panasonic 0.1% metal film resistors to replace the "green" 2R2 wirewounds in series with the Millennium tweeters in my WD25Tex speakers. I expected a change ( a bit warmer) but was not prepared for such a drastic change - is this due to the 0,5R increase or is it due to the type of resistor in question. Woofers now seem to dig so much deeper although I guess the Millennium is no longer competing with the woofers for the same frequencies. Quite amazing the difference. Any reason why metal film resistors are not the done thing in crossovers ?

0.5R error and the WW had inductance changes. See the Non-Inductive or Bi-filar wound resistors from Welwyn. These are much better.

Thank you for the question.


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