BS – MAYBE: Power cord optimum length … a scientific basis or merely hype?

Here's one for you electric wizards to kick around. Whilst attending a recent hifi exhibition I was doing some power cord shopping. At one particular display I was being told by a very well known cable company representative, I'll not mention the name so it doesn't influence any responses, that the rule of thumb is that in order for the pwr cord to be effective it needs to be at least five feet long. Apparently ….. this allows the current to be in the cord long enough for it to be effective.

Ok, I'm really dumb when it comes to this sort of thing so maybe I said that in the most simplest of words but that's pretty much how it was explained. Would you care to elaborate on this good or bad? Thanks in anticipation. Jamie Mann


Hello Jamie, sorry to say this salesman is talking out of his apple.(can’t be rude kids read this) So why do we then make and use power conditioner to lower the impedance just to stick a longer and higher impedance wire in line – doh.

Now if his cable has a high capacitance then his may sound better longer as it acts like filter, I did this for a cable company I worked for and it won lots of awards.


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