AUDIOPHILE FUSES: Nonsense or what?

Hello experts. I have used audiophile fuses for years in various equipment without problem, generally appreciative of sound quality improvement. Recently, I've encountered problems with audiophile fuses blowing in my Coincident Turbo 845SE amplifier. At this point I've had two failures of Synergistic Red Quantum 6.3a 250v sloblo fuses in this amp.

Recently I discovered some interesting information in regard to audiophile fuses at In the heading above stocked fuses it states, "blow characteristics will differ slightly (due to the different metallurgy of the fuse elements) between commercial grade and audio grade fuses. We can't guarantee that your audiophile grade fuse won't blowout at different in-rush current thresholds than your stock commercial fuse."

They also mention one should check for continuity on fuse prior to installation to insure it will be covered by warranty. What do you think? Thanks. Donald.


Hi Donald for safety reason please refer to the manufacturers hand book and if necessary call them up. Fuses are design to blow in many ways and some are not at all suitable where you have a large inrush current. I do not like glass fuses and always try to use ceramic and sand-filled fuses, this makes them slow blow.

I would be wary of using the audiophile fuses without first contacting the manufacturer and getting their thoughts and approval. Then if you wish to use them you have the peace of mind knowing that they should work as intended.


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