ARGENTUM: Wiring of audio and video systems


Argentum company produces and distributes audiovisual cabling systems. Argentum's wiring is a spectrum of knowledge in the field of empirical and universal principles of physics, chemistry and engineering, and technology of their own. Developed and implemented innovative technologies and maintaining technological regimes are a guarantee for the products Argentum high quality standards of modern electronic systems, wiring for audio-visual media assets. We offer signal, power, digital, speaker cables, RCA plugs, connectors and Argentum alloy, internal wiring, headphone cables, headphone extension cable, humpers speaker connectors.

Wiring audio systems of Argentum company is designed, constructed and produced on the basis of universal principles regarding the selection of material for conductors and their cross-section, insulators, beam geometry, as well as their mutual arrangement, EMC electromagnetic compatibility and reliable performance and elegance.

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