OXFORD ACOUSTICS: What happened?

Q: Hi Neil and crew. What happened to Oxford Acoustics? Great looking gear that apparently sounded really good.

A: This is all we have been able to find. Not much, butter better than nothing. Anyway ....

A small turntable manufacturer based in Oxfordshire, UK and originally founded by Fraser Shaw and Jon Harker in the mid 80's. The company specialised in making high end heavy platter turntables that where quite different from the suspended designs that are the usual in the UK. The company was bought in early 1988 by Pascal Ravach who now runs Mutine/Audiomat, Mr. Ravach formed a new company around the operation called Oxford Acoustics Limited that was based in Abingdon in Oxfordshire, and ran it for a few years but it went out of business in 1993. While the company is no more, messers Shaw and Harker now run Oxford Audio Consultants and have been known to provide at the least minimal support for their products