AUDIO NOTE: Peter Qvortrup talks three-motor turntables

Rafe Arnott:

I had the rare opportunity recently to catch up with Audio Note UK head honcho, globetrotter, music lover, and hi fi-industry legend Peter Qvortrup, who graciously agreed to be assailed with questions by me regarding what his company has up its sleeve for 2016. Qvortrup is a man I’ve offered to drink beer with more than most in this industry (which is saying something), so let me first say “thank-you Peter,” for taking time out of a very busy Christmas holiday schedule to answer my barrage of questions. Without further ado, I give you Mr. Peter Qvortrup.

RA: Peter, there are rumors floating around that the TT Three is being rolled out in mid-2016, can you comment on this and if it’s true, then obviously you and your engineering/design/manufacturing teams were able to solve the motor problem you alluded to in our previous conversation this summer regarding the TT Three in one of two ways: were you able to source the motors you needed from a third-party manufacturer, or did you have to take design and construction of the motors in-house, as you feared you may have to do?

And, with this new motor, is there any thought to making it the de facto AN UK turntable motor across the line of ‘tables in current production (TT One, TT Two, TT Two Deluxe) up to and including the TT Three?

Also, has the final pricing been established for the TT Three, and what will the outboard power supply look like (does it have one)?

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