Ask Mr. H: Pink Triangle & Breuer 8 Dynamic (Part #2)

Howard, did you sell the Breuer 8?

Yes. After 19 years of use I got £1,750 for it. I bought a Brinkmann 10.5. Never looked back!

Which cartridges did you find worked well with the Breuer?

Loved the Van Den Hul MC-1. Denon DL-103 was great. Koetsu Black, Supex 901 too.

Is it, in your opinion, a fussy arm when it comes to partnering.

Herr 'bloody' Breuer will not supply anything other than one counterweight. Or at least he didn't. This meant that from time to time I had to operate the arm with a lump of blu-tack and a half-pence coin on the headshell. Looked awful but played great. Probably had an accidental positive benefit on the effective mass. This is why I changed to the 10.5. Far more flexible in it's approach. In essence, a re-engineered Breuer.

I've had several Ortofons over the years which have given me an inordinate amount of listening pleasure without trouble although I could be willing to opt for a change.

I can't recall anything about the various Ortofon I owned other than I seem to recall liking the MC-3000 a lot. At heart now I'm a Dynavector, Brinkmann EMT, old-style Koetsu lover these days. I think the Sumiko Blackbird might be a terrific match.


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