Paul McGowan:

“I am sure you make great sounding products but they’d be wasted on me.  I could never appreciate a system at your level!” How many times have I heard that from a neighbor, the UPS man, a vendor come to visit with us at PS Audio?  Almost always. What’s interesting is that 100% of the time they are blown away – jaws drop – all preconceived notions of how bad a listener they are vanish.  Our system is that good?  Perhaps, but I don’t believe that’s what’s going on.

It seems a peculiar trait in people who are convinced when something’s out of their league they cannot appreciate what they perceive to be subtle differences.  Perhaps the answer lies in the assumption of “subtle” differences.

We all know the differences between a low end clock radio and high end stereo is huge – that is “we” as in the people who read these posts.  So how do we get the rest of the people to see and hear what we do?

I don’t exactly but I can tell you one of my lifelong goals has been to figure out how to bring great sound to as many people as I can – the masses if you will.  I have sketched some products that might just do that – if only I had the time and the resources.

I believe strongly that our values, as Audiophiles, dovetail nicely with those of people that have never heard of a golden ears.  To me, that’s great news for the future.

We’re all golden ears when presented with truly magic audio.

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