DAVID MANLEY: Tubes, Logic, and Audiophile Sound

Robert Harley (Stereophile Magazine) writes:

As founder of California-based Vacuum Tube Logic of America, David Manley is at the forefront of the current renaissance in vacuum-tube audio equipment. In addition to manufacturing some highly regarded audiophile components, VTL has introduced a line of tubed professional equipment that is finding its way into recording studios. David has a lifetime of experience in tube electronics, recording studio design, disc cutting, music recording, and most recently, analog/digital and digital/analog converter design.

David is highly opinionated, outspoken, and controversial. He expresses his strongly held beliefs with a passion and conviction that the printed word does not adequately convey. Moreover, he has a unique perspective on music reproduction and audio electronics, garnered in over 30 years of audio work in South Africa, England, and now America.

During a visit to the VTL factory, David's lab, and his newly built recording studio, I had an opportunity to discuss with him his views on a wide array of topics. I began by asking him what made him come to America and start a tube audio electronics business:

David Manley: First of all, you've got to know that I love America. I've been coming here for 25 years and always hoping, praying that I'd end up settling here. I would have taken a much lesser excuse, including sweeping a studio floor [laughs]. California is the best place in the world to manufacture this kind of electronics...

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