SHAHINIAN: Life with Shahinian Arcs

I began reading with interest the recent thread about "Life after Arcs" as i had my eye on a pair and they rarely come up for sale here in Australia. Anyway they have been in for about a week and i have managed a few spins of the cd player and this evening i have managed my first real listening session.

They sound very much like the reports i have read and in many ways i like them more than my SBL's in the challenging room i listen in. More space and a very 3 dimensional experience, more bass and a bass that goes deeper, less in your face sound due to the 45deg firing position. This is at the moment on the end of a very capable but simple Exposure 'X' as my main listening system a 32.5/nap160/TC is in the garage. I know these may like a bit more grunt which is fine but i feel someone out there has heard what these speakers can really do on the end of something else. I am still hearing a little "shine" from the X and feel that my CB naim gear will be the same.

So a question.... What made your Arcs sound amazing? Don't get me wrong i am listening to Mazzy Star (BMS) and it sounds great but i feel something is holding these puppies back.

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