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Self-confessed jazz fanatic Tony Andrews writes ...

One of the pleasures I still manage in my senior years is hunting through the record shops looking for absolute bargains. Some of my favourite CD's have been purchased this way and I have been introduced to some fabulous singers and musicians who probably would never have been noticed by me without finding the bargain. The only problem with this pleasure is that the number of record shops in serious decline.

t all started to go wrong with downloading and Our Price went then MVC then Virgin (I can't remember the silly name the used at the end) and the latest casualty is MDC. Even Fopp has gone all wrong since HMV took it over.

The only pleasure for me now is the Jazz Dept in Foyles which is the remains of Ray's Jazz and Dress Circle in Seven Dials Covent Garden. Dress Circle is as implies is a Theatrical Memorabilia emporium but they do have the odd Jazz Singer CD and lots of musical stage singers who can sing Jazz better than some alledged Jazz Singers.

On a trip last week up West I popped in to Foyles, searched their bargain bins only to find a Singer with a name I could not believe to be real.

The songs were interesting in that the songs were not just more Great American Song Book which is fine but overdone by so many Jazz Singers. The Record Label was 33 Records and as I know Paul Jolly the owner I thought this CD could not be left unattended in the bin so I purchased it. I got home slapped it on my precious Sony SCD 1 and heard the most marvellous talent from the US. Her name (wait for it) is Shaynee Rainbolt and she has everything needed to be a great Jazz Singer, style, timing and a sensational voice.

The CD is called "At Home" and covers the best song Kirsty MacColl ever wrote or sung (god bless her). The song "in these Shoes" is cheeky, rude and very cleverly written and I have been waiting for someone to do the obvious and Jazz it up. Raynee does more than that she adds a very compelling latin beat and lots of fun. The CD also included "I can't make you love me" a delightful song which I can't work out who sung before. Other stand out efforts include "Pure Imagination, The Summer Knows and two lessor known Stephen Sondheim songs".

The Musicianship of the octet is first class and the whole effort is a great work out for your mind and your beloved Hi-Fi.

A delightful singer with a truly lovely CD. I believe she may be visiting the UK next year, she has prviously done the Pizza in the Park and Pizza Express Dean Street. Give her a google, she has an excellent website, and look out for the planned visit.

Bye for now from Tony Andrews

And thanks from me to Tony - Howard Popeck


After what happened last time, Tony wishes to make it very clear that the picture below is of Ms Rainbolt and not of him in drag!