GOODMANS: The Magisters … “It would be good to hear from current and past owners about their experiences with them”

I thought it might be an idea to start a thread about the Magisters after one or two posts in Private Exhibitions. It would be good to hear from current and past owners about their experiences with them. They must be one of the more awkward speakers to accommodate these days( if you have a partner!). I'm lucky as we have two big rooms and so she lets me have my music in one of them. I came to mine after dabbling (very much the right expression) with their smaller sibling the Magnum. I had read about 12 inch drivers and sealed cabinets and decided to give them a go. After various experiments with them I took the plunge with the 15 inch bass version.

Mine are a long way from standard. I bought them untested from the site on eBay, if I remember rightly, cheap as chips, they sell all sorts of electricals. They cost £1.26. When they arrived neither tweeter was working and the mids were an odd set. The big bass drivers were working though and so I new I could get them going. I used the bits from my Magnums and swopped all the capacitors for new items. I also installed L pads on the mids and tweeters. These were going to be temporary but I've ended up keeping them in place. The mids are Vifa D75MX domes and the tweeters Vifa D27TG3506. I found the original tweeters and midranges to be to too shouty and bright. These are a much more palatable listen. I hacked out the central part of the baffle and stuck on a new baffle that clears the 'picture frame' surround.

I have sort of documented various trials and tribulations with them across different areas of the forum, blown bass drivers repaired, veneering! I will draw them together with links at some point. I will put pictures on too when I get a chance. These speakers are without doubt the best I have owned. The sound is 'big', the bass tight and the calmed down mids and highs are great. I had to use an emergency pair of speakers whilst I repaired my Magisters, Mordaunt Short ms 815, not small but they sounded measly in comparison. Im sure some of you will have fond memories of them, or maybe you put your back out moving them and are not so keen.

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