NAIM: “Goodbye”

This is something new. I have had at least one Naim component in my system for the last 27 years. The result of all the swopping and changing ended with me having a LP12/Aro/Armagedden, CDX2, 52, Super, Snaxo, Hi, 250x2, SBL. Finally decided, enough is enough. Sold everything from 52 to SBL, only leaving my sources. Funnily enough, I actually heaved a sigh of relief.

Now, life is simpler. Not simple, just simpler. Went with a nice Audio Research driving a pair of Sonus Faber Luito. Single pair of cables from everything to everything.Believe me, I miss the slam. But I am enjoying other details I have not heard before. Also, the current system does low volume listening better than my Naim. Of course, at high levels, no system I have heard beats my Naim. But it is a compromise.

So, my question is this, would it make sense for me to move away from the CDX2? Is it time? I am not sure if there is a synergy between the CDX2 and my current setup. I have been reading good things about the Marantz KI-Pearl. It brings back memories of my CD94 which I absolutely loved. Regretted selling it. How would the Pearl compare with the CD94? Or would it make more sense to just stay with the CDX2?