TANDBERG: 2075 Mk II Receiver – how good?


Well, I just couldn't help it. This is regarded by many as the best receiver ever made, it appeared locally on ebay, and I just had to have it, to go with my little Spendors in the bedroom system. It is not in quite as good condition as the photo (or the listing) suggest - there are chunks missing from the wooden side panels, there are stickers on the front, the RCA outputs are tarnished, it is missing the links between pre and power sections (which I would have replaced anyway) and one foot ... but it sounds fantastic, sweet, smooth and colourful. The FM tuner is easily the most sensitive I have ever used, and sounds amazing. The headphone out is also extraordinarily good, clearly beating my Meier Pre-head amp. It is clearly an improvement over the Nait 2/Meridian 203 which I was previously using.

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I fully agree.


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